G&G FitPick: Inspire CR2.1 Cross Rower

Every week, one of our expert team members makes a recommendation of one of their favorite products and explains why they recommend it to their clients and friends. 

This week, Sarah Dunlapfrom our Pittsburgh store, recommends the Inspire CR2.1 Cross Rower!

"Rowing is one of the greatest exercises of all times in that it works 80% of the body with zero impact on the joints," Sarah explains. "The exercise is fantastic for weight loss, cardiovascular health, and even strengthening and toning. There are many rowers on the market, and the rower I would like to suggest to you is one you may not have heard of before.

"It is different in that it is a two-dimensional exercise, rather than just one, like most traditional rowers. All other rowers out there only allow you to work the muscles in the back of the body. Ever notice how you only pull and never push? Well, this rower beefs up that 80% to nearly 100% by maximizing muscle recruitment with a push AND pull motion. 

"The Inspire Cross Row is becoming one of the hottest new pieces of fitness equipment on the market due to its effectiveness and minimal workout time! This piece is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) dream! With two, five, and 10-minute workouts on the console, you are always going to find time for your workout!

"I can burn 250 calories in just ten minutes, and I do that working sets, like weight training coupled with full body recovery sets. I feel this piece works your core (abs,obliques, and lower back), more than any other piece of cardio equipment, too. Unlike other rowers, you can isolate the lower body and do a leg press and hamstring curl while your arms rest at your sides. Coincide that with more focus on the bench press, triceps extension, or barbell row, and bicep curl and your muscles will be screaming!

"Like most of my fit picks, I'm looking for equipment that is easy on my joints because of past injuries and this piece fits the bill. The Inspire Cross Row will blast fat and tone up your body in minimal time. If you haven't seen one or tried one, be sure to wear comfortable clothes and stop in your local G&G Fitness retailer for a workout!"

 Questions? Feel free use the button below to chat with us! Or you can email Sarah at sdunlap@livefit.com!

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