As Seen on TV Fitness: Is It Worth It?

When it comes to exercise equipment, you’ve seen it all on TV.

Late night television often features commercials for compact elliptical trainers that fit under the bed, NordicTracks, Bowflex trainers, and so much more. The “before” commercial models are usually a little too relatable. The “after” models? They’ve all got six-pack abs and gleaming smiles. Can these at home, “as seen on TV” fitness devices really work?

Of course, the answer is no. Why? Here are a few reasons why fitness equipment from TV infomercials and online ads are almost always too good to be true.

You Can't Try Before You Buy

Is NordicTrack worth it? Is Peloton worth it?

The answers depend on you. Do these machines support movement you’re comfortable doing on a consistent basis? If you can’t step onto the machine and see how it feels, it’s impossible to determine whether you should integrate it into your daily workout routine. You won’t know if it will feel awkward on your knees or with your torso, and chances are you’ll be purchasing an overpriced laundry rack.

Make sure to talk with an experienced professional about your fitness goals and specific concerns about your body before investing in a piece of exercise equipment. G&G helps provide professional guidance and support to answer your questions before you buy.

Low Quality Mass Production

When companies look to sell thousands of machines with online ads and late-night television commercials, don’t expect the highest quality. Even if you spend hundreds, you’ll get equipment made with cheap plastics, computers, and gears.

Of course, this might be true for anything you buy. However, reputable companies that offer excellent customer service and care about your experience won’t sell things as quickly or as cheaply as possible. No one wants to spend more than they should, but no one wants a cheap and unreliable product either.

Hidden Fees or Subscriptions Mask the Real Cost

One of the newest popular “as seen on TV” exercise machines is the stationary bike. But are brands like Peloton worth it?

Real reviews of Peloton show that many customers feel disappointed and duped by subscription costs that go up to about $500 a year. That’s on top of what you would spend on the expensive equipment itself.

So how much does Peloton really cost?

That depends. Online sales from companies like Peloton can cost thousands more than you’d expect, and you won’t want to continue staying active year after year if it means dealing with their hidden costs and excessive subscription fees.

Poor Customer Support

As seen on TV, the folks answering the phone when you call to order exercise equipment seem always happy to help. But in real life, good luck. Companies with products featured in TV commercials aren’t known for their excellent customer service.

For example, if you have Peloton treadmill troubleshooting questions, you may have to wait long queue times only to end up talking to someone in a customer support center overseas that doesn’t understand what it takes to get your problem resolved. It’s always better to work with a company like G&G that has representatives willing and able to answer your questions directly and efficiently.

"Some" Assembly Required

If you think the products you see on TV come delivered and ready-to-go, think again. Most of the time, you’ll have to assemble the product and deal with delivery issues yourself.

Companies like G&G offer full-service departments you can speak to directly if you have any questions or concerns about assembly or delivery. If there’s a missing part or confusing step, you will have the support you need along the way.

Can You Trust the Reviews for Made For TV Offers?

Absolutely not. Here’s a sneaky secret among the companies that sell exercise equipment on TV: The reviews are fake. How can this be?

Large companies have large marketing departments that curate fake reviews to prop up products and trick consumers. It can be difficult to distinguish real reviews from fake ones, as critical reviews often get pushed aside for glowing fake reviews.

If you can’t trust the reviews, you shouldn’t trust the product. Companies should be transparent and willing to adjust products and processes if customers aren’t satisfied. Unfortunately, companies that sell “as seen on TV” equipment aim for fast sales, not satisfied customers.

Marketing Budgets Inflate Prices

When TV ads shout about a deal, they’re really tricking you with marketing techniques and inflating prices.

Many fitness companies spend money on marketing and aren’t interested in innovating for your health. They don’t really care about healthy, high-quality exercise products that are designed to improve your fitness year after year. They only care about taking your money, period.

G&G's manufacturers focus on bio-mechanical engineering and quality parts. Our happy customers and the sturdy, reliable equipment they receive from us are proof that we are committed to your health and fitness goals, not catchphrases and slick videos.

Can you get real results with TV fitness equipment?

You might commit to a daily exercise regime and a healthy diet. That doesn’t mean you’re going to look like TV commercial models overnight. You’ll quickly realize that expectation isn’t realistic. That can easily discourage you to continue.

Staying motivated and improving fitness takes time and effort, and it is simply unfair for companies to insinuate that a few workouts on fad-based machines will miraculously change your physique. An impossible vision for success is one of the most common reasons people become disappointed and quit when trying to become healthier. Those smiling, sculpted athletic models in the commercials that make it look so easy only add to feelings of unworthiness; you may think that, because you don't look like them, you might as well throw in the towel. 

Instead of letting TV ads get to your head, look for exercise equipment that has been proven to work, is built with high-quality materials, and is supported by an excellent customer service team, made up of real fitness experts. This way, you’ll be able to move forward with your fitness goals and find the success you deserve without wasting time, money, and energy.

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What's it like to shop at G&G Fitness Equipment?

If you’re ready to take the next steps in your fitness journey, contact the experts at G&G Fitness Equipment today! Contact your local  G&G Fitness Equipment showroom and let us show you why we are the best specialty fitness equipment retailer in the northeast.


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