Ten Fitness Tips for Parents

There’s no doubt about it: parents are superheroes. Day in and day out they balance work, childcare, meals, and countless obligations. Between all of the family’s daily activities, it can be hard for parents to find time to focus on their own health and fitness — but it doesn't have to be impossible. When parents take time for their health, they gain more energy for tackling each day with their families. Even better, they can combat chronic disease, stress, and fatigue.

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To incorporate health and fitness into their lives, parents can follow these 10 fitness tips:

1. Set the Tone

First, it’s important for parents to be intentional about their fitness journey. They should take time to create a healthy mindset before they get started. If working out feels like a chore, it is more likely to get put off as soon as schedules start getting hectic.

Instead, they should aim to create a mindset about working out that centers around self-care and working towards a healthier future. Setting a positive mindset can be as simple as a mom treating herself to new fitness equipment or a dad finally building that garage gym he's always dreamed. Whatever it takes to get them excited to get started. 

2. Find the Right Workout

An excellent way to encourage positive associations with a fitness routine is to find a workout that feels great. Everyone has different preferences and strengths when it comes to working up a sweat. Especially for busy parents, it's important they find a workout that they look forward to. Finding the right workout makes it more likely that they will stick to their routine and continue striving for improvement.

Unique workouts to try include:

With so many varieties of workouts and unique equipment, there is truly a training program for everyone. To ensure the longevity of their workout routine, moms should take time to enjoy the process of exploring different workouts in order to find the perfect fit. 

3. Build a Routine

From prepping lunch to getting everyone to school on time, parents are masters at creating a solid routine. This skill is the key to creating a sustainable fitness routine too. While it's better to squeeze in a workout than to skip it altogether, establishing a stable routine is important for meeting fitness goals.

This is particularly helpful for couples. Parents may realize the importance of a monthly date night or a financial meeting to discuss the family budget. What about working together to develop the perfect couples fitness routine?

Creating a regular routine also makes it easier for parents to establish time for themselves. They shouldn’t be afraid to let their partners and families know when they need an hour or so to get their daily workout. 

4. Regulate Sleep

For busy parents, sometimes the easiest and most consistent time of day to focus on fitness is in the early morning. Rising before the kids is a great way to work out before the distractions and obligations of the day get started. 

When it comes to setting a routine, waking up early is a tried-and-true technique. However, it's important for parents not to skimp on sleep! One way to accomplish this is to stick with a set bedtime for the kids. This allows them to plan evening activities around getting the sleep they need to power their morning workout. This is easier said than done in a busy household, but setting bedtime boundaries will help the whole family stay on track. 

5. Fuel the Body

Next to sleep, nutrition is often one of the most neglected aspects of any person’s day. Parents often spend so much energy making sure their child is eating right that when it comes time for them to eat, they grab whatever they can.

To make strides in their fitness journey, parents should set aside time to prepare their meals ahead of time. Many people prefer meal prepping for the week ahead on Sunday evenings. Every family is different, but moms and dads can often expand their own meal prep into planning nutritious foods for the entire family. It takes some time and effort, but the health and fitness results are well worth the hassle.

6. Stick With It

One of the hardest parts of any fitness journey is sticking with it. As with any good habit, it takes time to get it right. It’s easy for parents to abandon their fitness routine to make room for their family responsibilities, but staying consistent and committed to  their routine not only sets a great example for their children but maintains positive results. 

Working out from home is a great way for parents to make sure they can squeeze a workout in no matter what the day throws at them. Tips for building a great home gym include:

7. Connect With Other Families

Moms everywhere share a unique understanding of the demands of motherhood. When they connect with one another on their fitness journey, moms are able to provide the encouragement, grace, and persistence that is unique to them. Ways to build fitness community include:

  • Start a running group
  • Connect for Zoom workout sessions
  • Explore new workouts together
  • Create an accountability group 

8. Set Goals

No matter how great of a routine they set up, even athletes can struggle with losing motivation over time. For parents looking to keep their fitness journey alive and well, it can help to set new goals along the way. Whether part of a group or individually, fitness-focused people can set goals such as:

  • Reaching a new distance on their bike
  • Using heavier dumbbells in their strength training  
  • Achieving their pull up goals 
  • Improving their form or executing a new pose in their yoga practice 

9. Mix It Up

Once they’ve found a routine they love, it is easy for people to get stuck in a workout rut over time. Instead, people should continue exploring new workouts to combat boredom and fitness plateaus. Budget friendly equipment like home suspension kits or cross circuit kits are great ways to invest in excitement and variety in fitness.   

10. Celebrate Progress 

Everyone knows that parents often get so caught up in caring for their families that they forget to celebrate themselves. However, celebrating fitness achievements is an especially effective way for couples to stay on track and motivated in their journey. Whether it is through photos, a fitness journal (try our free printable fitness journal), or fitness milestones, all parents should celebrate their commitment to health and wellness. 

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