The Best Home Fitness Equipment for 2022

In the past few years, there has been a massive exodus from the traditional gym model. The combination of public fear of COVID-19 and growing comfort with an at-home lifestyle has led many athletes to invest in developing their home gym.

2020 and 2021 saw an incredible surge in popularity for home fitness equipment. With more people working out from home than ever before —and many gym-goers vowing to never look back — the fitness industry is taking notice.

The result is a fleet of fitness equipment that is more advanced and user-focused than ever before. Looking forward, 2022 is all about technology that takes fitness to the next level by placing the user’s experience above all.

Fans of the at-home workout should start celebrating now: the newest crop of fitness equipment features technology paired with quality and unparalleled health benefits.  The fitness trends of 2022 make it easier than ever to maintain their health and fitness from the comfort of their home — and have fun doing it. 

Fitness Trends 2022

For athletes and home workout buffs looking for new fitness equipment, there are several trends to keep an eye out for in the coming year. Here are the top 5 pieces of home gym technology to check out:

1. Cutting Edge Consoles

fitness technology for 2022 new consoles treadmills ellipticals

At the top of the list in 2022 fitness trends are consoles that change the cardio game. We all know that a tried-and-true treadmill or elliptical is a great way to sweat, but it’s easy for stationary cardio workouts to feel stale or dull over time. This is where console technology comes in. Consoles are the machinery or screens at the front of the treadmill or bike. With the right console, users can completely revitalize their at-home cardio experience.

One of the hottest new pieces of cardio equipment on the market is the Matrix XUR Console. This high-quality console marries cardio sensibilities with high-end technology. Gone are the days of needing to choose between adventure and functionality — the XUR Console provides both. 

Paired with high-powered cardio machines — such as a bike, treadmill, or elliptical — the XUR Console offers one of the biggest, brightest high-definition touchscreen displays on the market. The 22-inch screen brings new life to your favorite workout videos, movies, and virtual journeys. 

The cutting edge features we love about the Matrix XUR Console include:

  • A premium 22" HD touchscreen. This console’s large screen creates an immersive experience for the user — so they can forget they are pedaling away in their living room and focus on smashing fitness goals while being transported to faraway places. 
  • Dynamic workout programs. XUR’s dynamic list of metric-centered cardio programs, custom workouts, and long-term workouts ensure that users will never get bored of working out with the console. Even better, it’s easy to save the workouts in a specially tailored workout calendar on the device. 
  • Bluetooth capability. The XUR Console is able to connect with wireless headphones for an intense experience. The XUR even comes with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor so users can keep their fingers on the pulse of their health and their progress. The Bluetooth capability also allows users to connect with popular training apps. 
  • Wi-Fi connection. Connecting the XUR with Wi-Fi means fast and efficient software updates, easy web browsing, and simple access to entertainment apps so at-home users can maximize their workouts. 
  • HDMI port. An HDMI port allows XUR users to connect their phone or tablet to the console. The XUR can mirror the selected device to the high-definition screen for a truly customizable experience. 
  • My Media feature. The XUR’s My Media feature allows at-home cardio buffs to connect their mobile device to play music, podcasts, and more. The console features easy audio connection that allows users to plug in headphones or play audio with an adapter cable.
  • Built-in web browser. XUR’s built-in web browser gives athletes the ability to search their favorite sites right from their cardio machine. 
  • High-quality speakers. This console features high-end 5-watt speakers, so users can experience the immersive sounds of their workout without headphones. The integrated speakers bring to life the user’s favorite music, movies, shows, and workout videos. 
  • Energy-saving capabilities. To conserve energy, the XUR Console enters sleep mode after just 15 minutes of no activity. This feature can help users conserve energy without worry.

No matter where an athlete might be in their fitness journey, the Matrix XUR Console offers an allure that keeps users coming back workout after workout. The versatility of its features ensures that users can keep leveling up in their workouts by connecting with new programs, apps, and media whenever they want. 

2. Well Connected Equipment 

Workout equipment is great, but — as long-time athletes know — the lifeblood of a quality fitness routine in a strong mental game. Professional athletes achieve consistency through mental toughness, but, for the rest of us, it’s important to find tools that help us come back to our routine day in and day out.

One of the best ways to stay hyped up about a workout regimen is with equipment that is well-connected to a powerful fitness app. Two of the best brands in the game are Matrix and Echelon. Each brings its own unique strengths to the table:

Matrix fitness equipment store

The brand Matrix asks, “Can a machine change the way you think about fitness?” Matrix certainly thinks so, and — based on the exhilarating Matrix collection of cardio machines — we do, too. The things we love about the collection include:

  • Matrix’s hottest consoles are featured on cardio machines that range from folding treadmills to traditional bikes to cutting-edge ellipticals. No matter what the user chooses, there is a cardio machine to match their lifestyle.
  • The Matrix collection touts gym-quality equipment for the user's everyday use. Matrix is well-loved in fitness centers around the world for good reason — the quality is undeniable. Every cardio machine is durable, functional, and exciting to use.
  • Matrix equipment is designed to fit seamlessly into the user’s life. The cardio machines help elevate their fitness goals without disrupting the home. Even better, Matrix consoles make the machines thrilling to use time after time. 
  • Our favorite element of the Matrix collection is the ease of connection with high-powered apps like Sprint8. Matrix makes it simple to connect to apps like Sprint8, which puts one of the best contemporary HIIT programs on the market at your fingertips.
Echelon fitness store in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Echelon invites users to “be a part of something bigger.” That something bigger is an expansive collection of live and on-demand studio fitness classes that are led by professional trainers. We love Echelon bikes for the immersive online community that comes with them. Features include:

  • Live and on-demand rides. Whether riders are looking for a live experience or an on-demand class, Echelon’s “fitness family” includes a wide range of class styles and instructor personalities to meet every taste. 
  • Inclusive FitPass. Far beyond indoor cycling, Echelon classes include off-bike offerings like yoga, meditation, strength training, and more on their FitPass app.  
  • Immersive rides. One of the most exciting trends in indoor biking is virtual rides. Echelon offers some of the most scenic rides in the stationary bike industry. Users can be transported around the world when they connect to Echelon’s inclusive fitness app subscription. 

Cardio machines from both Echelon and Matrix connect users with a supportive fitness community and a never-ending collection of motivating fitness programs to keep at-home athletes moving forward.

3. Better-Than-Peloton Bikes

Echelon connected fitness bikes

Peloton bikes have taken the wellness world by storm, but is the buzz worth it? More often than not, we would argue that customers are better off with a high-quality product they can try in-store. Made-for-tv products often come with unexpected problems when they arrive at the customer’s doorstep.

Why shouldn't you buy fitness equipment on TV?

Inability to “Try Before You Buy”

As any G&G fitness expert will tell customers, it’s important to try a product before they make a purchase. Fitness equipment is a long-term commitment. It is essential that users feel comfortable on the equipment, love the way it looks, and can see it fitting into their unique lifestyle.
When equipment is purchased sight unseen, it often goes unused in the corner of the room or leads to major buyer’s remorse down the road.

Low-Quality Production

NordicTrack and Peloton are popular, but at what cost? Many brands that are promoted with online or late-night ads are made in mass quantities. Despite their high prices, consumers may be left feeling cheated when it comes to quality and durability. 

Hidden Fees

Many trendy pieces of equipment come with sneaky hidden fees or subscriptions. We recommend spending time in a brick-and-mortar storefront talking to fitness experts who can walk consumers through the ins and outs of their new equipment. 

Lack of Customer Support

Where many hot equipment pieces fall short is in customer service. Rather than connecting with fitness experts, consumers are likely to have to deal with call centers or impersonal emails. They are also unlikely to offer in-home setup, repairs, or maintenance.  

Exaggerated Reviews 

Popular workout equipment often gains that popularity from well-crafted advertisements and persuasive reviews. Consumers shouldn’t be fooled by alluring ads. Instead, look to the tried-and-true equipment that fitness centers trust with their business.

Inflated Prices

Perhaps the biggest pitfall of tv fitness equipment is its highly inflated price tag. When it comes to persuading customers to shell out top dollar for their equipment, they are true professionals. However, customers shouldn’t have to break the bank to build an effective at-home gym. 

Instead, we recommend tried-and-true products like the Echelon EX7S Connect Smart Bike. Products like the Echelon combine high-end gym-quality functionality with at-home reliability. While Peloton and other trendy products are likely to continue gaining popularity, those in the fitness industry know that 2022 fitness trends are all about investing in quality products that are guaranteed to last. 

4. Quality You Can Trust

One trend that will never go out of style is quality service. A great piece of equipment can quickly lose its charm when users are faced with damage, breakdowns, or regular wear and tear. 

Fortunately, this is where the G&G Fitness Service Team comes in. The hottest fitness equipment of 2022 features advanced technology and high-powered potential. With that comes a need for expert care. While many fitness brands don’t offer access to their own repair teams, we guarantee our customer's personal service, high-quality equipment, and minimal wait times. 

The advantages of the G&G FItness Equipment Team include:

  • A well-equipped call center.  Our call center is open from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. At least 6 highly qualified service reps are on duty during any given shift. 
  • An organized call queue. The call center utilizes a well-organized call queue that saves the customer’s place in line — so they can be sure that their needs will be addressed during office hours and not shoved off into a voicemail box. 
  • Personalized service. The call center service reps are equipped to address each service call personally. Our knowledgeable staff will assess the problem and offer a time and cost-effective service solution to the valued customer. 
  • Case tracking. The call center uses service management software that empowers us to track the customer’s case from beginning to end and ensure the highest quality of care. 
  • Expert field service technicians. G&G employs 12 full-time, certified field service technicians throughout the New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio areas. Our call center representatives will connect customers with the field service technician closest to them. 
  • High-quality parts and equipment. We pride ourselves on our carefully managed parts inventory. 
  • Prompt service. The service team is able to address calls in about two days from initial contact from the customer. 

Ultimately, the G&G Service Team is committed to keeping our customers working towards their fitness goals with equipment that runs smoothly time after time. 

5. Innovative In-Home Technology

For customers who find themselves dreaming of the latest fitness technology, we invite them to visit one of our local stores to try them out for themselves. Here are some innovative pieces of workout tech we would love to show you:

The Mirror 

The mirror available to try today

The Mirror is truly one of the hottest fitness trends of 2022 — and for good reason. This innovative piece of equipment offers a full-body workout while being nearly invisible. Disguised as a well-designed wall mirror, The Mirror transforms into an immersive home gym at the touch of a button. The features we’re excited about include:

  • Beautiful in-home design. The Mirror was designed with the user’s home in mind. This truly original piece of equipment touts a tiny architectural footprint and a gorgeous design. The Mirror is meant to blend into any home layout by turning less than two feet of empty wall into the customer’s personal gym. 
  • High-quality instruction. The Mirror connects users with some of the most sought after certified trainers in America. The Mirror allows users to receive live feedback and motivation in real-time. 
  • Live optimization. This fitness wonder uses camera technology to deliver custom adjustments to the user’s workout based on style, preference, and fitness goals. 
  • Friendly competition. The Mirror connects users with other like-minded athletes around the country using community classes, point systems, and more. Users can also interact with their friends, share their programs, and invite buddies to a group session. 
  • Results tracking. The Mirror makes it easy for at-home users to track their progress, heart rate, calories burned, and more from their personal dashboard, which updates after every workout. 

Experience the best home exercise today at your local G&G showroom.

Between The Mirror, Matrix Consoles, and Echelon's latest bikes, the inventory at G&G Fitness truly represents the best in new tech. Best of all, our experts are eager to show you the ropes! We strongly recommend that all customers take the time to stop into a local storefront and check out the freshest new technology for themselves. Why? Advantages include:

  • Empowering consumers to try equipment until they find the best fit for their lifestyle
  • Affording customers the opportunity to find the hottest equipment within their budget
  • Avoiding buyer's remorse by talking through options with a knowledgeable professional 
  • Connecting with a trusted network of service and maintenance technicians
  • Offering customers the opportunity to enjoy the buying process by testing out exciting new equipment
  • Building a lasting relationship with fitness experts who can help customers build the home gym of their dreams

Ready to build the home fitness room of your dreams? 

Request a free consultation here.

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