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Product image 1WaterRower Gronk M1- with HiRise
Product image 2WaterRower Gronk M1- with HiRise
Product image 3WaterRower Gronk M1- with HiRise
Product image 4WaterRower Gronk M1- with HiRise
Product image 5WaterRower Gronk M1- with HiRise
Product image 6WaterRower Gronk M1- with HiRise
Product image 7WaterRower Gronk M1- with HiRise
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Limited Edition Gronk Rower  - For Home and Commercial use

Why Rowing?

Add to your workout with the Limited Edition Gronk Rower powered by WaterRower.  Rowing is great for cardio and muscle build.  Rowing, especially on a WaterRower with its precise replication of the exact dynamics of on-water rowing, is also a low impact workout that packs a punch when it comes to calorie burn.  Jump on the rower to warm up, get your cardio in or what Gronk loves to do, keep your heart-rate up between sets.

Gronk -"WaterRower is a great brand.  A great product and a great workout"

Tradition - WaterRower has been designing and manufacturing rowing machines of exceptional quality and design since 1988

Proudly Crafted in USA - All of our rowers are handmade in our New England factory in Warren, Rhode Island

Monitor - Includes Series 4 Performance Monitor

STYLING: Residential & full commercial use

MATERIAL: Durable aluminum construction

FINISH: Powder-coated Carbon Black with GRONK FITNESS exclusive branding

NOISE LEVEL: Soothing and relaxing with minimal intrusion

RESISTANCE METHOD: Patented WaterFlywheel emulates natural dynamic of rowing

RESISTANCE LEVELS: Unique self-regulating resistance, infinitely variable, suiting any user without adjustment

MUSCLE GROUPS USED: All major muscle groups (84% of total muscle mass)

MAXIMUM USER HEIGHT: Up to 38” (961⁄2 cm) Inseam

MAXIMUM USER WEIGHT: In excess of 700lbs (318kg)

OTHER USER BENEFITS: No impact and non-load bearing, perfect for users with joint concerns

HEART RATE MONITOR: Available as an option

STORABILITY: Stores easily on end

ENTRY HEIGHT: 20” (51cm)

MAINTENANCE: Minimal. No lubrication required. Simply add a purification tablet every 6 months (available free of charge) 

WEARING PARTS: In high use facilities, wearing parts may include: foot straps (which pass over the toes) and the bungee 

WARRANTY: Residential & Commercial 1 Year; (Upgradeable to 3 year parts, 5 year frame free of charge with registration) 


In Use: [H: 281⁄2” / 71cm] [L: 88” / 224cm] [W: 22” / 57cm] Storage: [H: 88” / 224cm] [L: 275/8” / 71cm] [W: 221⁄4” / 57cm] Weight: [Dry: 79lbs / 36kg] [Wet: appx. 116lbs / 521⁄2kg] 

Tank Box (for shipping): [L: 28” / 71cm] [W: 24” / 61cm] [H: 24” / 61cm] WaterRower 

Rail Box (for shipping): [L: 86” / 219cm] [W: 31⁄2” / 9cm] [H: 15” / 38cm] ×2 Shipping Weight: Tank Box - 76lbs / 341⁄2kg, Rail Box (x2) - 33lbs / 15kg

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